Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Wrap - Up

Did you happen to notice that we went to the Twin Cities yesterday and didn't go to the Mall of America. Melissa asked if we wanted to go. But Hannah and I are not shoppers. It's like torture to us. Which makes us like aliens among the female population. But maybe popular among potential spouses? Um, not for me. I already have someone who totes my luggage, washes my car, puts my laundry away and makes the bed. I'm not in the market.

But if we have gone shopping with you, it is because we want to be with you. Not because we want to shop.

Again, we missed our home church today. No news there. I know I'm not really impartial but I love our worship and our senior pastor and his sermons.

After church we took care of chores. Changed the sheets, washed clothes, cleaned, put things away, blah, blah, blah, you know, just the regular drudgery of home. (Except laundry, which you know is not drudgery to me. More alienish behavior?!? Don't say anything.)

Speaking of home. You know you feel like you are home when you go to the refrigerator and open it and just stare. Yes, yes I did. And this is what I saw . . .

Only one of these bins is ours. And it has NOTHING in it that you want to graze on at 8:00p in the evening.

And I had already visited this today . . .

Oh, did I forget to tell you about this? Probably because I didn't want to share. This sits downstairs in the hallway. Fully stocked. Free. And incredibly tempting. Get thee behind me Satan!

Hannah got started on her verses for the week. She only has four more left! Wow!

Again, the nightly ritual of watching a movie together. I hope she doesn't get used to this!

The kids watched The Blind Side tonight.

Headed to bed. Later than I would like. It takes me 2 weeks to adjust to this one hour time change. It would be easier for me if we could phase it in. You know, maybe 4 minutes a day. Then after 15 days we would be there! I'll suggest it.


  1. I had to scroll back to your mailbox post to determine which refrigerator tub belonged to you girlies. LOL! There's always popcorn, right?!? Although I'm not sure I would choose popcorn if there was a giant assortment of frozen yum in my hallway! It reminds me of a cruise ship. I passed that ice cream machine a zillion times before I grabbed a vanilla cone...never a good thing to start that habit at the beginning of a trip. :)

    Sweet dreams to my non-shopper should have called me...I would have given you a list! ;)

  2. Wow -- if I didn't know better, I would think that ya'll didn't eat at all.....probably not as much as us here.....Ok, yes---I have had great food from the wonderful young married class....(guess they thought Sarah wouldn't be able to cook, clean and take care of me every day that you're gone....)

    Ok - I had to blow up the picture of the free goodies, just in case I want some when I get there....

    Did I tell you that I'm excited to see my other two ladies of my life!.....

    I can't wait -- I miss you and love you lots.