Wednesday, March 16, 2011

PRC Day 14 - Hannah's Post!

 Hey ya'll! Hannah here! The Program Director wanted me to write the blog tonight because she wanted me to make you aware of what I can and can not talk about. It might be boring.

You can not ask me if I am in pain. You can ask me if I am having a difficult day. You can also ask me about anything else. You can ask me about the program, what I did in Rochester, my new friends and practically anything else. Just not the pain. But I can't wait to talk to each of you about everything under the sun.

This has not been an easy journey but it has been fun. I have met the most amazing people in the world. The program is hard but worth it. I found out that I can do stuff I never thought I would be able to do. The people who work the program actually want to help make you better.

I even played a little volleyball today.

I don't know how to put this into words but I just want to thank each and every one of ya'll for everything you have done for me. I loved getting home after the program at 5:30p everyday and finding mail in my mailbox. All my PRC friends were definitely jealous!

Thank you for praying for me! I definitely would not have been able to get up and go each day without knowing that you guys were praying for me and in my corner.

You guys are the most amazing people in the world!

Thank you!


  1. You go girl! Playing volleyball and all. Love that you opened your heart and mind to the energy of this program. I believe you that it was hard. And I know that you met amazing people because you are one amazing girly! Looking forward to your safe and see you soon! BIG hugs!

  2. Great job Hannah! Wow, tomorrow you graduate! Do you get the whole "cap and gown" experience?

    Can't wait for y'all to be home with lots more stories. We miss your smiling faces!

    Bro. Ken: We rehearsed really hard tonight! We joked that you probably had a camera hidden and you were secretly Skyping us to make sure we were behaving! haha! So we did.

  3. Hannah so proud of you! I have loved reading about your journey, and believe that you were there for a purpose. You have been there as a light for the rest of those kids! You are almost done, and I pray you have learned SO much to help your life. Continue to shine for Jesus the short time you are there. Can't wait for you guys to be home! :D

  4. GREAT post, Hannah!! We will be very careful to never ask you about pain....but is it okay to ask if your daddy is being one? :) ha!

    I am SO PROUD of how you have persevered during this program, and the light for Jesus you were so deliberate to shine! The verses you posted on your door and the sweet crafts you made for all those leaving the program will be a seed that I pray will GROW!!

    I am going to MISS your blog! If your Mom doesn't keep it up, you might consider keeping it going and make sure your Mayo friends know of it. Might be a wonderful way to "water and sow" those seeds that you planted?

    The Slone's are praying for your last day at the program and will pray for your traveling grace back home. We've MISSED you and your Mom so much!!! ((HUG))

    Keep pressing on, sweet girl...and LIGHT your WORLD!!! But ALL things become visible when they are exposed by the light, for everything that becomes visible is light. Ephesians 5:13