Thursday, March 3, 2011

PRC Day 5

The tough talk today was on narcotics. It is always something that has concerned me with chronic pain. I am glad that they address the hard issues because I think it is so important for someone with chronic pain. But it feels like is drains everything out of me to hear about what can happen.

This afternoon the staff at the RMH announced that they were evacuating the house for 4 or 5 nights because of an electrical issue. Yes, we are moving again. Some families are having to completely move out since they leave town during that time. The good news is, we are here until March 17. Yes people, that is the good news. It means we can leave most of our stuff at the RMH. Whew!

Ummm, I have no idea.

So here is the stuff we will need for the next 4 or 5 nights. Oh my! The man who usually packs my car would not be proud.

So this is our new home away from home. . . away from home. Quite a bit different than the RMH. It is kind of like a European hotel room. Only without Europe.


  1. I finally found the blog! Love that you are doing this so we can all keep up with how things are going.

    Sounds like they are keeping you busy sun up to sun down. Praying for you both and your other half at home. Love the pictures and Hannah's sweet smile :) Need some pics of mom too!

    Glad to hear things are going well with the program. Sorry to hear you had to move out of RMH for a few days. Love the mirrors behind the beds in the hotel room...LOL!! I think we had mirrors like that in our house in the 70's...gotta love it!!

    Love to you both!!
    Cindy McCorkle

  2. Ann,
    I'm so glad you're blogging this! It is wonderful to be able to keep up with you and Hannah. I am so blessed reading that you give glory to God over and over again. You both are in my prayers!
    Julie Green

  3. Anne, you are cracking me up! I'm sure Ken will hyperventilate when he sees how you packed the car! LOL Tell Hannah that I LOVE her "self portrait"! haha!! (she IS her father's daughter, you know! lol)

    I can't believe you got "evicted" from your 2nd move! Bless your heart! Well...what satan meant for evil...God meant for good, right? Praying the electric issue will be resolved quickly, as I know it's much easier to be where all your stuff is!

    HARD topics you are covering each day...but it's not anything you want to bury your head in the sand and ignore, either. Praying that everything you two are learning and absorbing will help sweet Hannah in her journey!

    Lastly...your camera skills are IMPROVING!! Nothing blurry this time! :) haha! Keep up the great work...and thanks for the time you put into this blog!

    Blessings, prayers and LOTS of love from the Slone's!!


  4. Oh my....what a packing job! I can't believe it.....did Hannah pack the car?....(of course, I know she didn't cause she can't carry those bags nor put them in the car....) It just shows how rough it was on you to get through a long day and then have to pack up, carry all of that to the car, travel to a hotel and carry it all back to another room...:(

    I'm so sorry that I wasn't there to help!!!
    Well, once Sarah Jordan and I get there, I'll clean your car, put away laundry, and pack the car....:)

    We both miss you two terribly. Of course, with swim and Sarah's school, my school and church, we have been real busy and tired every night.

    SJ seems to be doing well, surprisingly! She likes staying at the Harwood's home on Tuesday nights. Of course, I miss her--and have to sleep with three animals that evening...uuugh.

    Only have a week till my two classes are over -- yeah!....Seven days to finish a huge research paper and prepare for two finals. Trying to catch up on my readings and lectures for which I'm behind will keep my week very, very busy.

    Miss you, love you, and can't wait to see you both.
    Hannah's daddy and Anne's lifemate

  5. Oh goodness...another move! Yikes! At least you were able to leave some of your things...less to load...not sure there was room for more though. LOL! :) Enjoy your European excursion...praying for you in the difficult discussions.

    Love you girlies!