Tuesday, March 8, 2011

PRC Day 8

We have made it over the hump and we are one the down hill now! Hannah has spent a lot of time with the kids who are beginning to leave now. It is getting harder to watch these kids go home. Plus there is the added anxiety of her own departure. That would be the biggest prayer request right now.

The anxiety level for these kids is actually higher when they leave than when they come in. They get uptight about heading home and having to put all they have learned into practice on their own. Completely understandable.

Today we had rounds (where the parent and teen meet with the whole team). Hannah is doing well. They are really happy with her level of commitment and progress. She makes their job easy. Couldn't be prouder.

Hannah got a fruit bouquet today. She LOVES these! I would offer you some, but it is gone. Every. Single. Piece.

In the background you can see almost half of the kitchen here. You can have lots of people using the kitchen at the same time. But I am willing to sacrifice and leave it available for everyone else. Because I'm nice like that.

Snowing! Makes me smile! :)


  1. Wow, what a kitchen. I can't believe that my Hannah is not cooking every night 'cause she loves to cook for others!.....I know, she's tired at night. But, it really looks like a cool kitchen.

    I can believe that it's truly hard for Hannah to say good bye to the friends that she has made because they have grown so close over the short period together. I know that this is because they have such a huge thing in common--their severe chronic pain!

    I'm so glad that y'all are back at the RMH and your wonderful room with the bay window. I know that this trip has been rewarding, but has taken a toll on you emotionally and physically. It will be good to have the whole family together again soon. (But not soon enough!)

    It's hard with both of our crazy schedules to talk like we do when we're home together. I know that there is so much that you want to tell me and talk with me about but are waiting till we are together. Hopefully over the two days at Mayo and our traveling home you will be able to share with me. I promise to not interrupt and just listening intently!

    I miss you, my sweet Anne. I miss my first born too. Both you and Hannah are constantly on my thoughts throughout the day. It doesn't matter if I'm in a meeting, studying, doing church work, or taking Sarah to the places she needs to go, wherever I am, whatever I'm doing, you are in my thoughts!

    All my love,

  2. Oh are so sweet to leave the kitchen free for others to use! LOL! :)

    Pulling out my fave stash of anxiety Scriptures now! Off to claim them for Hannah and her new friends as they embark on a return to the daily tasks and the overwhelming job of incorporating all they've learned at Mayo in this short time.

    Love you girlies!