Friday, March 4, 2011

PRC Day 6

Hannah and I were in our temporary housing last night. It's funny how God works. I whinned about having to be in RMH lobby at 7:15a to catch the shuttle. Well, this morning we had to be in the lobby before 7:00a. I think this whole electrical problem might be my fault. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to the 41 other families who were evicted from the RMH with us.

The good news is we have a Starbucks in the lobby! And we were down there at 6:35a this morning.

Not whining.

Even though we were in the lobby, we missed our shuttle. (Dont' ask.) That meant that we had to cross the street and cut through one of the Mayo buildings to catch the shuttle. At 7:25a.

Yes, the light bulb went on. That means 25 more minutes of sleep, a short walk and a 7:25a shuttle. Score!


I feel like we have entered a time warp in our hotel. It has actually been a bit entertaining. Hannah and I have laughed a lot!

Remember these locks.

Okay, maybe that doesn't seem so bad. But do you remember these ceiling tiles. Let me put it this way, I don't remember these ceiling tiles.

But here's the best. This mirror behind our beds. Our twin beds. It's a living history lesson people!

I will spare you a picture of the carpeting. And the wood paneling. You're welcome.

So let's recap a little. We have moved into a hotel. Out of hotel. Into RMH. Out of RMH. Into a new different hotel.

And soon (very soon hopefully) out of said hotel and back into RMH.

So five moves down, two to go.

And did I mention that we are in Rochester, Minnesota? In February & March?

Don't be jealous.


  1. Hi Ann & Hannah!

    Thank you so much for blogging! We are enjoying being able to keep up with what's going on. Love and praying for you!

    Aaron, Lindsie & Brooklynn

  2. WOW -- what a day. So, you two missed the shuttle?....can't believe it, especially when you were down there probably earlier than most! I hope that this didn't add more stress to your already crazy day.

    Hotel room pics are great! Wow -- unfortunately I do remember those tiles....yep, older than you....

    Oh, and Starbucks at the hotel? -- we have never stayed in a hotel with Starbucks before -- and you don't even drink coffee--ha.

    Last night (Thursday) we had dinner at Tommy and Bewah Fulfers -- our adopted family you was great and of course Bewah fixed us left overs to take home.

    Tonight (Friday) we were invited to Lee and Melody Woods home. They have moved in and it's beautiful. The family were gracious hosts and we both enjoyed the great conversation and food. Lots of laughter--it's good to have that right now in the midst of what we're all going through as a family.

    Saturday is another day of school. I hope to get a big bite out of my research paper. Yesterday I did the cover page, table of contents and Bibliography. I have 11 books and received two more from Bro. Randy. I have to have 20 sources, so still looking for more on the web--maybe I'll find some scholarly journal articles. I wanted to get all my sources together before beginning to write since I have to use them all in the paper, but I think that I'm going to at least get the intro done before doing more research.

    I'm so glad that both of you are learning so much. It seems like SJ and I are about doing the "normal" Montgomery life as best as we can, but Hannah and you are experiencing so much more right now and are dealing with things that we can't even imagine or understand. You are in our daily thoughts and prayers.

    As I sit at our dining room table writing this and looking outside, I can't help to think that this will soon pass and both of you will be back here us. I know that this has already been a long journey because it seems so long for us here and you're the ones going through it.

    Ten more long days before we see you. Can't wait.

    Love ya,
    Hannah's daddy and Annie's lifemate

  3. Anne -
    You are a natural at blogging! You are SO funny! I love that you are sharing all this. I hate that you have had to move in and out of places so many times.
    It won't be much longer and you'll be home. It may seem like forever ......but it will be here soon! It looks like Hannah is really shining in the program - I bet all the kids love her!
    Praying for your family!

  4. I have already said it and Kelly are a natural at blogging, Anne!! :)

    I am amazed...the hotel has a "Starbucks", but hasn't updated their room decor in the past 20 years? All I can say is WOW!! I haven't seen mirrors, ceiling tiles and paneling in a loooooooong time!! LOL

    Cracking up over your "apology" to the 41 familes of RMH! That'll teach you to whine, huh? haha!! So very thankful for this amazing program, and continuing to pray that great strides will continue to be made each and every day!! ((HUG))

    Blessings always....Angie

  5. Anne! You are too funny! My first thought when reading about the move was the morning shuttle time change...and you missed it after being the early birds?!? Sounds like something only the Tilmon girls could pull off...glad we're in good company. LOL! :)

    Hannah looks gorgeous as always. Hope you're both getting plenty of rest in the evenings to recharge for each new day. Praying for you both!

    Big hugs...

  6. This whole post cracked me up. I feel like I'm sitting in choir having a conversation with you!