Tuesday, March 1, 2011

PRC Day 3

Good day - bad night.

Today was a good day for Hannah. The team makes rounds every Tuesday and Thursday which gives Hannah and I the chance to meet together with the team. This is the time that is scheduled for communicating with the team as a whole. Of course, we can talk to her case manager/nurse any time. The team likes Hannah. They remarked that she has emerged as a strong leader in the group and that she is a very positive person who has a postive effect on every one else.

Tonight we went to dinner with the other kids and parents in the PRC. Hannah ended up sitting on a stool which lasted about 10 minutes before she was in so much pain that she was in tears. I have never seen Hannah cry because of pain before tonight. Crummy evening.

But the good part is, this is why we are here. This is exactly what we are trying to get help with. This program won't get rid of her pain - it will help her to live as normal a life as possible with pain. First thing tomorrow we will meet with her case manager and find out how we should have handled it and what we need to do next time.

Typically when she over does it she needs of couple of days to try to recover. Please pray that she won't feel the effects of this tomorrow morning so that she can continue to get the maximum out of this program tomorrow.


  1. Okay...this post wasn't my favorite! :(

    Praying Hannah will be able to get around this morning, and that her case manager will be able to help her deal with the pain. She's been going like crazy since you have all been there, so we knew this time would come...and since it's here...what a better place to be, right?

    Cannot wait to get an update to know how today went after the visit with her nurse/case manager. May the Lord wrap His sweet arms around Hannah today and give her the strength to run and not be weary!! ((hug)) Luv y'all!

  2. Good morning my sweet ladies!

    I have missed you terribly!!!
    I'm so sorry that you were in pain last night have been in my constant thoughts and prayers! I hope that today won't be too painful.

    The animals miss you both....all three were with me last night ... :)
    The stress of both of you gone, church work, and the last two weeks of my 2 classes have kept me busy and unfortunately stressed! (It's probably good that you don't see me right now....) But, I have comfortable socks on today, so it's going to be a great Wednesday! ;)

    SJ was at the Harwood's last night. Didn't really want her gone 'cause I don't like to be alone right now--like the company, but I knew that she wanted to go. You know Sarah, she said that she would stay if I wanted her to, but I knew she wanted to go.....

    I hope that this Wednesday brings much sunshine your way. Remember, the joy of the Lord is your strength!

    Love you both!
    Hannah's dad and Anne's lifemate

  3. Pain that brings tears makes me sad...but I do pray that the program will help Hannah on every level...and this is one of them. It's like my car making that crazy grinding noise and the mechanics saying that three men had driven it with no which I insisted that they ride with me as my "girl driving" style hit the road...and you guessed it...the noise revealed itself. Praying that your team can answer your questions with proven strategies to adopt. May you soar on wings like eagles...