Wednesday, March 9, 2011

PRC Day 9

When we started this program the other parents in the program said the second week was the hardest. And I thought "well it won't be for me, because I am different." And that was the pride before the fall. (Can someone please tell me why I do that?) Today was the hardest day we have had so far. And we are in week two. I was humbled. (Which happens to me regularly. So I am used to it.)

Hannah and I discovered that we are not graceful criers. Ok, Hannah discovered that she is not a graceful crier. I have known for a long time.

It snowed over night and we woke to a beautiful winter wonderland.

Actually, when I woke, I couldn't see the winter wonderland. Because it was 4:30a. And I woke to the sound of the snow plow.Which I have learned to appreciate. Just not at 4:30a.

Hannah's case manager gave her a book to read. So I thought 4:30a might be a good time to check it out.

There is not a chapter on "How to Sleep Through the Sound of Snow Plows Scraping the Ground Outside Your Window."

(Did I mention it was 4:30a?)

But I did find this:

Praise Jesus!

(Oh, see that, I figured out how to change the font size! Look out blog world!)

Ummm, evidence.

I may or may not have already thrown some wrappers away. (And thank you to the adult choir for these lovely little pieces of heaven here on earth. They are consumed daily. Because I have no self control. And I have no scales.)

Watching a movie with her peeps this evening.

You notice her blanket. She is rarely far from this blanket. We are lucky she doesn't bring it to church with her. The blanket was a gift after her last surgery. You know who you are . . . and ya done good ladies!


  1. Wow - great pics!....I love the to sit and look out at the snow falling with you!.....
    You truly are a funny one, my sweet Annie. I love your incredible sense of humor. Even through rough days, like today, you manage to give it all to the Lord, learn from it, and encourage others through your weakness (especially the chocolates...)

    You're really getting good at this font sizes?....
    I love the pics...keep them coming.....maybe we should keep this blog thing up at home so that I can find out ALL that happens while I'm away at the church everyday??? ;) (Ok, just kidding....)

    Seriously, I know that it was a hard day 'cause we spoke and Hannah called me too. I always keep my phone with me, even during choir and worship services in case you, Hannah or SJ calls me. This week it was Hannah and I'm glad that I saw it. I'm glad that I was able to talk with her, calm her down a bit, and just listen and tell her that I love her and can't wait to see her again soon. (SO this is what it's going to be like when she goes to college in a year?!?!?!'m not ready for her to leave!!!!)

    Please know that I love you, I love Hannah and I love our family--every time we're together!

    I'll pray tonight that you can either sleep through the snow plow or that he doesn't come by until after you're up....

    Love both of you with all my heart!

  2. Sorry y'all had such a hard day. Remember that you have so many people praying for you. Not just the 34 on the side up there, but lots more! Every time we are together, we are lifting you up (choir, 4W, etc.) so sing "Thou, O Lord" to yourself and let Him be the lifter of your head! (Psalm 3). My current favorite verse is Isaiah 49:15. (As much as you love her, He loves her so much more.)

    Sleep well! We love you both!

  3. I vote counting calories of Dove chocolates is a "low-priority item" as outlined in the book photo above! ;) Praying that the rest you receive tonight renews you for tomorrow. His mercies are new every morning!

    Hugs to YOU girlies!