Monday, March 7, 2011

PRC Day 7

I am happy to report that as of noon tomorrow we are half way through the program! I am excited and scared at the same time. It will be good to get home but it also means that Hannah will be on her own to put into practice, on a daily basis, everything she has learned. Stresses me out just thinking about it. I think I'll choose to be in denial for a little while longer.

They had another boy enter the program today. My understanding is that the program for both adults and teens is about 78% females. One philosophy on this is that boys get angry and girls internalize. Ladies! Perhaps there is a lesson here! Quit internalizing! I'm just sayin.*

It was good to be back at the RMH for our meals. We have a huge kitchen on our floor with four ovens and cooktops, four sinks, our own pantry, lots of our own space in the refrigerator and freezer. So tonight for dinner . . .

It is better than this. . . Right???

Hannah Skyped with Sarah tonight. It was fun. They picked at each other and argued and gee, it felt just like we were home!

You notice where Sarah is? At church. On Monday night. At 7:45p. Is that tattling?

Mostly Hannah got a kick out of making faces. At herself. The temptation to make faces at her sister and see herself at the same was too much for Hannah to overcome.

There are no classes here on overcoming temptation. Please send Bro. Phillip.

The PRC kids watched a little television tonight in one of the living rooms at the RMH.

I think one of them was supposed to be seated in this chair. :)

We have 5 to 8 inches of snow on the way. Hopefully not like the 5 to 8 inches Arkansas got in February that measured at 2 feet. I am looking forward to the snow. A nice fresh snow will cover all this ugly dirty snow we have right now. Ewww. Makes me think of myself - - when I try to put on a fresh covering on the outside to cover all the dirty stuff underneath. Yucko!

Let's end on a happy note. Your prayers are sustaining us. I gauge this by how much I cry. Not crying much at all. Must be a MONUMENTAL amount of prayers offered on our behalf! (Or you could call it a miracle.)

*Disclaimer: I am in no way advocating inappropriate expressions of anger. I personally internalize a lot. Mostly Dove dark chocolate.


  1. Wow -- I get to the be first comment tonight!....(Usually, I am ending up a day behind and having to back track....) Just finishing a paper, I am thrilled to read today's blog and hear about what is going on. Truly, Annie, you are not only a remarkable woman of God, but a great communicator. I know that you are verbally with me at home, but haven't received this much writing from you since we were dating over 20 years ago. :)

    Thank you for keeping perspective through all of this. Your genuine and heart felt expressions of praise to God for getting both of you through half of the program was deeply touching and brought praise to God from my mouth as well!

    Sarah's so excited to have skyped you twice today. She told me in the car on our way home tonight that she is going to remain more in touch now with both of you since we have opened this new door in technology for her!.....I told her that maybe she could take her computer to Bible study next Monday and skype to Hannah with the 7th grade girls. Many of them speak with me each Sunday and want to know how Hannah is doing.

    Continued thoughts and prayers are lifted up for both of you. Our church family is also being so kind and considerate to both Sarah and I as well. They have been kindly reaching out to Sarah because they know that it must be hard on her as well. I think that the prayers and support have helped her because I know that she misses her mommy, but has stayed positive and strong through this long time away from you.

    After speaking with you a few minutes ago, I must encourage you to be sure to get the rest you need. Sleep for both you and Hannah is important right now, so don't stay up too late every night!....

    I love you my sweet ladies!
    Hannah's daddy and Annie's lifemate

  2. My suggestion... order too much pizza one night. Then, you can use your fridge space to store the leftovers, and the ovens to rewarm it the next night! That way you can feel like you are taking advantage of all that the RMH has to offer in the kitchen!

  3. The girls made it home before me tonight and the first thing Emma said when I walked through the door was "there's a new boy in Hannah's program!" I had to smile. I asked if the news was positive and she said, "Yep...they didn't eat ice cream last night!" From the mouths of babes...gotta love the perspective! :)

    I've been thinking of you two a bunch since your trip to Rochester started. Days that are frustrating and nights that push me beyond my limit...and then I think about all you sweet girlies are taking in over such a short amount of time. Remember: the intent is not that your burden be heavy but that you lay it at the throne of our Jesus...He cares...He is into the details...even the tiny details that we think are so obscure and ridiculous...those are the details that are important to our Giver of all good things. May He continue to be the Lifter of your head!

    Big hugs to YOU both...